Counsyl Login

What is Counsyl Login?

Counsyl is the previous website of Myriadwomenshealth. This new website offers the fresher look and complete information. This portal can be a trusted resources not only for the patients but also the providers.

What are the features of Myriad Women’s Health website?

  • Giving updates about patient education resources for the genetic screen.
  • Brochures that can be downloaded in 5 languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Arabic.
  • New profiles for the members.
  • Completed information based on laboratory and scientific research.

How to Login into Counsyl or Myriad Women’s health portal?

  • Visit
  • Press Login menu.
  • Select Prenatal Login or Hereditary Cancer Login
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your Counsyl password.
  • Press the login button.

Myriad Women’s Health References. Hogan et al. Validation of an Expanded Carrier Screen that Optimizes Sensitivity via Full-Exon Sequencing and Panel-wide Copy Number Variant Identification.