Kpower Announcement

What is Kpower Announcement Portal?

Kpower announcement can be accessed at This portal is owned by Kpower Berhad. This company was previously known as Kumpulan Powernet Berhad.Kpower Engineering is the part of Kpower Berhad. It provides Solar PV solution for business and home.

What Can You Access at Kpower Portal?

On, you not only can access Kpower Announcement. But, you also can explore:

  • Kpower Stock Information.
  • Financial performance.
  • Bursa Announcement.
  • Annual Report.
  • Corporate Presentation.

How to Contac Kpower Customer Service?


Announcing KPower Industries! Announcing KPower Industries! Aug 27, 2020 David Calzada In case you haven’t noticed, we’re making big changes to our brand and product offerings thanks to the launch of the K series swap for the BMW E30 chassis. Since this is our first non-Miata offering, it’s finally time to announce the evolution of KMiata Inc. into KPower Industries!