Medikids Login

What is Medikids Login?

Medikids is the part of Florida Kidcare. This company provides affordable dental and health insurance for children. The insurance offered by Medikids can cover the kids from birth until the end of 18. This insurance program is for Florida children. The parents can apply for the kids’ head to toe health coverage. Even only one of the parents is working, they can apply for the insurance for the kids.

How to Apply for kids insurance at Medikids?

The process of insurance application can be done online through medikids login page. These are the steps to set up an account at medikids.

  • Visit Medkids website at
  • Press Apply Now button.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Write down case information.
  • Crate a user ID.
  • Set up Medikids password.
  • Answer the security questions.
  • Select the notification methods.
  • Select user agreement.

What are the steps to access Medikids Login Page?

  • Visit Medikids official site at
  • Enter Medikids user ID.
  • Enter Medikids password.
  • Press Sign In button.

MediKids – FL Agency for Health Care Administration MediKids Managed Care Plan Choices. Families with children eligible for the MediKids program can call the toll-free MediKids Helpline at 1-877-506-0578 for assistance selecting a health plan.; Only Medicaid contracted health plans may serve MediKids enrollees.