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weblogin.umich.edu user’s guide This guide covers logging in, logging out, and working securely with our single sign-on environment. To install the weblogin software ( cosign ) on your own web server, please see the software section.. logging in


University of Michigan

University of Michigan is one of the top universities of the world, a diverse public institution of higher learning, fostering excellence in research. U-M provides outstanding undergraduate, graduate and professional education, serving the local, regional, national and international communities.


Shibboleth at U-M – University of Michigan

When accessing cloud services contracted for by the university, the user may be connected immediately to the U-M Weblogin page. The U-M Weblogin page is displayed, and the user logs in using their uniqname and UMICH password.


Weblogin – Michigan IT News

On December 4, Information and Technology Services enabled U-M Weblogin for Office 365, 2017. This change will impact faculty, students, and staff with a Microsoft Office 365 Education Suite account on all U-M campuses. Login information will change from a self-directed password to U-M Weblogin credentials.


Weblogin | ITS Documentation – University of Michigan

The U-M Weblogin page allows you to log in once per web session to gain access to many protected web resources. This document explains the login process. University of Michigan


Getting Started: Turn On Two-Factor for Weblogin …

Get Started Now. Choose a Duo option. Most people choose the Duo Mobile app on their smartphone. See Options for Two-Factor Authentication for descriptions of each option.; Go to Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin. Follow the online prompts to enroll a device.


Logging in Via the Weblogin Page at U-M | ITS Documentation

Two-Factor (Duo) and Weblogin. The university encourages everyone to turn on and use two-factor authentication (Duo) with Weblogin for added security. Two-factor for Weblogin is offered to all members of the university community with a uniqname. Michigan Medicine employees and sponsored affiliates are required to use two-factor with Weblogin.


Services and Systems Covered by Two-Factor for Weblogin …

You cannot choose to protect only some of these services. They are all protected if you choose to turn on two-factor for Weblogin. Turning on two-factor for Weblogin does not affect use of two-factor for systems that require Duo two-factor, which require two-factor regardless of whether or not you turn it on for Weblogin.


Michigan Medicine | University of Michigan

Ann Arbor. One of the 10 best hospitals in America in national list.


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