Mydispense Login

What is Mydispense Login Portal?

Mydispense Login page can be accessed at MyDispense is one of the student programs offered by Monash University. Mydispense helps the students to develop their confidence and skill in dispensing pharmaceutical products. This application supports all dispensing activities such as communicate with the patients and handle the medicines.

What are Mydispense Features?

  • Dispense screen.
  • Fact finding.
  • Product selection.
  • Student feedback.
  • Admin interface.
  • User management.

How to Access Mydispense Login Portal?

  • Access
  • Select Student Login.
  • Enter the Student ID.
  • Enter the username.
  • Press the Login button.

MyDispense – Shaping Pharmacy Education

MyDispense is an online pharmacy simulation that allows students to develop and practise their dispensing skills. It provides a safe environment in which they may make mistakes without experiencing the serious consequences of practicing in the real world.