Portbase Login

What is Portbase Login Portal?

Portbase Login page is accessible at portbase.com. This company was founded in 2009 by Port of Amsterdam and Port of Rotterdam. The aim of this company is make Dutch port’s logistic chain can be attractive. This platform connects the logistic chains of Dutch ports to the end. Portbase also provides the data sharing for the companies and government. This make the logistic system can be more efficient and cheaper.

What Services are Offered by Portbase Portal?

  • Ship’s call.
  • Import cargo.
  • Export cargo.
  • Hinterland Transport.

How to Access Portbase Login Page?

  • Visit portbase.com.
  • Click on Login PCS.
  • Select PCS account.
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter the password.



https://www.portbase.com/ Portbase stimuleert efficiency, vooruitgang en innovatie samen met klanten en partners. Lees verder. Nieuws. Vanaf 16 maart meer extra functies in MCA Barge. Melding Container Achterland (MCA) Barge biedt vanaf 16 maart 2021 wederom enkele extra functies. Het zijn volgende stappen op weg naar de livegang van de integrale planning door Nextlogic.

New PCS login procedure – Portbase

https://www.portbase.com/en/new-pcs-login-procedure/ In order to ensure maximum security for the Port Community System (PCS), Portbase is introducing a new login procedure. Soon, users like yourself will log in using your own personal work e-mail address in combination with a password of your choosing. The current login method using company name, short name and password will be discontinued.

Portbase developer portal

https://developer.portbase.com/ Portbase domains. Smart services for road, barge and rail sectors. These services help agents, shipping lines, cargo handling agents, importers and forwarders to import efficiently. Services for forwarders, exporters, agents, shipping lines and cargo handling agents for handling export formalities.

Contact – Portbase

https://www.portbase.com/en/contact/ Service Desk. For support when using our services. +31 (0)88 – 625 25 25. [email protected] 08:00 – 18:00. Our emergency number can be reached outside office hours on 06 – 518 844 56. More information about the Service Desk.

Portbase | IAMconnected

https://www.iamconnected.eu/ One single gateway to various services. IAMconnected is your personal access point to numerous digital port-related and logistics-related services. You no longer need to remember login details for each service. Logging in once via IAMconnected suffices.

Hinterland Container Notification – Portbase

https://hinterland.pcs.portbase.com/ Hinterland Container Notification – Portbase … Loading….

IAMconnected Archives – Portbase Kenniscentrum

https://support.portbase.com/en/services/iamconnected-en/ IAMconnected is a new Portbase service for Identity & Access Management. This service provides you with a personal logistics passport. You then have access to the services of multiple companies and organisations through a single point. You’ll no longer need to remember login details for each service separately.

Quick Start Guide – Portbase Kenniscentrum

https://support.portbase.com/en/kennis/quick-start-guide-notification-export-documentation/ a) Select ‘Track & Trace export documentation (for Forwarder)’. b) It is also possible to go directly from the menu ‘Shipment overview’ to the Track & Trace screen. This can be done by clicking the ! symbol at the end of the line for the shipment entered. You can search based on booking number or document number.

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